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Train both motor movement and
cognition with our growing library
of virtual reality therapeutic games
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Card Island game trains
hand-eye coordination and
short term visual/auditory

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Tower of Hanoi 3D game
trains executive function.
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Breakout 3D game trains
grasp flexion, executive function
and hand-eye coordination.

What Clinicians and Researchers Say About BrightBrainer

  • carrie_mosher“Excellent for motor skills and it's creative.”
    Carrie Mosher, National Manager, Brain Injury Association
  • patricio_vela“I liked the restriction of movement on a per-game basis”
    Dr. Patricio Vela, Associate Professor, Georgia Tech
  • jaspreet_sodhi“Easy to do, very coordinated, and forces the attention of the person performing the games.”
    Jaspreet Sodhi MPH, MPT, University of Texas Medial Branch
  • amanda_mack“I liked most the 3D use of bimanual tasks that are engaging. It was a fun way to work on somewhat boring tasks.”
    Amanda Mack OTR/L, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • maria_schultheis“Graphics were clear and easy to understand. I found the tasks straightforward, brief and engaging. I like the portability of the system.”
    Maria Schultheis PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Drexel University
  • gerry_colombo“I find BrightBrainer's many different games very intuitive and ergonomic to use”
    Gerry Colombo PhD, researcher at Balgrist Hospital, currently CEO of Hocoma AG.
  • “Really motivating and nice visuals”
    Toke Hilgeholt, Engineer, Motek Medical
  • cali_fidopiastis“The controller works very well and the games have excellent color. I liked the variability of the tasks and the simplicity of the system. Great job!”
    Cali Fidopiastis PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Alabama in Birmingham

Consumer Testimonials

  • "They stimulated my mind so learning was more like a game than a chore. Breakout 3D was my favorite of the games. What fun!"
    Mary Joyce Senior, at Parker Memory Health Fair
  • "The BrightBrainer games were phenomenal"
    Carol Piekarski at Parker Memory Health Fair
  • "I look forward to these games and would like to play them again"
    Female 65, nursing home resident
  • "The games are something exciting I get to do."
    Male, 59, nursing home resident
  • "The games are fun and challenging at the same time"
    Male, 57, nursing home resident
  • "I want more time with the games. I want more games."
    Male, 60, nursing home resident
  • "I really enjoyed playing these games."
    Male, 62, nursing home resident

53 clinicians participating in American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 2017 gave BrightBrainer BBX an overall rating of 4.26/5. The highest rating was for BBX games training attention (4.78/5).

Dr. Burdea presents BrightBrainer™


Dr. Burdea presents BrightBrainer™ in its initial version as a research tool. The follow up BrightBrainer BBX is a Class I Medical Device (see Its indications are upper body motor exercises and (simultaneous) cognitive training. Its integrative therapy showed benefits for a variety of clinical populations such as TBI, stroke and dementia. BrightBrainer provides an option for patients who reached a plateau, or for those who no-longer respond to customary therapy.