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Train both motor movement and
cognition with our growing library
of virtual reality therapeutic games
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Card Island game trains
hand-eye coordination and
short term visual/auditory

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Tower of Hanoi 3D game
trains executive function.
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Breakout 3D game trains
grasp flexion, executive function
and hand-eye coordination.

Our Mission


Bright Cloud International’s Mission is to improve outcomes and reduce care costs through automation. BCI modernizes therapeutic devices through the use of intensive and motivating custom virtual reality games.
Our pioneering work has shown to benefit a variety of populations that exhibit upper extremity movement dysfunction and may have cognitive deficits. Our studies have shown improvements in people with stroke, traumatic brain injury(TBI), and dementia.

What Clinicians and Researchers Say About BrightBrainer

  • carrie_mosher“Excellent for motor skills and it's creative.”
    Carrie Mosher, National Manager, Brain Injury Association
  • patricio_vela“I liked the restriction of movement on a per-game basis”
    Dr. Patricio Vela, Associate Professor, Georgia Tech
  • jaspreet_sodhi“Easy to do, very coordinated, and forces the attention of the person performing the games.”
    Jaspreet Sodhi MPH, MPT, University of Texas Medial Branch
  • amanda_mack“I liked most the 3D use of bimanual tasks that are engaging. It was a fun way to work on somewhat boring tasks.”
    Amanda Mack OTR/L, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
  • maria_schultheis“Graphics were clear and easy to understand. I found the tasks straightforward, brief and engaging. I like the portability of the system.”
    Maria Schultheis PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Drexel University
  • gerry_colombo“I find BrightBrainer's many different games very intuitive and ergonomic to use”
    Gerry Colombo PhD, researcher at Balgrist Hospital, currently CEO of Hocoma AG.
  • “Really motivating and nice visuals”
    Toke Hilgeholt, Engineer, Motek Medical
  • cali_fidopiastis“The controller works very well and the games have excellent color. I liked the variability of the tasks and the simplicity of the system. Great job!”
    Cali Fidopiastis PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Alabama in Birmingham

Consumer Testimonials

  • "They stimulated my mind so learning was more like a game than a chore. Breakout 3D was my favorite of the games. What fun!"
    Mary Joyce Senior, at Parker Memory Health Fair
  • "The BrightBrainer games were phenomenal"
    Carol Piekarski at Parker Memory Health Fair
  • "I look forward to these games and would like to play them again"
    Female 65, nursing home resident
  • "The games are something exciting I get to do."
    Male, 59, nursing home resident
  • "The games are fun and challenging at the same time"
    Male, 57, nursing home resident
  • "I want more time with the games. I want more games."
    Male, 60, nursing home resident
  • "I really enjoyed playing these games."
    Male, 62, nursing home resident

53 clinicians participating in American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 2017 gave BrightBrainer BBX an overall rating of 4.26/5. The highest rating was for BBX games training attention (4.78/5).

Dr. Burdea presents BrightBrainer™


Dr. Burdea presents BrightBrainer™ in its initial version as a research tool. The follow up BrightBrainer BBX is a Class I Medical Device (see Its indications are upper body motor exercises and (simultaneous) cognitive training. Its integrative therapy showed benefits for a variety of clinical populations such as TBI, stroke and dementia. BrightBrainer provides an option for patients who reached a plateau, or for those who no-longer respond to customary therapy.