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Train both motor movement and
cognition with our growing library
of virtual reality therapeutic games
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Card Island game trains
hand-eye coordination and
short term visual/auditory

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Breakout 3D game trains
grasp flexion, executive function
and hand-eye coordination.
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Tower of Hanoi 3D game
trains executive function.

Presenting BrightBrainer BBX



Dr. Burdea presents BrightBrainer™ BBX. BrightBrainer BBX is a Class I Medical Device. Its indications are upper body motor exercises and (simultaneous) cognitive training. Its integrative therapy showed benefits for a variety of clinical populations such as TBI, stroke and dementia. BrightBrainer provides an option for patients who reached a plateau, or for those who no-longer respond to customary therapy.


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Our Mission


Bright Cloud International’s (BCI) mission is to improve outcomes and reduce care costs through automation. Our therapeutic devices use BCI adaptable, intensive and motivating gamification.
Our pioneering work benefited a variety of populations that exhibit upper extremity movement dysfunction and may have cognitive deficits. These include people with stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia and chronic pain. Benefits clients in Outpatient Clinics, Adult Day Programs and Skilled Nursing Facilities.


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