Video-Game Therapy Making Gains with Post-Stroke Residents at Roosevelt.

Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Press Release. May 11, 2015

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – The revolution of video games has made immeasurable strides since first commercially debuting in the early 1970s.

Now local researchers are drawing on these games to study and advance a type of virtual-rehabilitation therapy and to improve the lives of individuals suffering from post-cerebral vascular disease, a condition often associated with strokes.

Exploring the full effects of his break-through treatment, Grigore Burdea, PhD, a veteran professor at Rutgers University and a maverick in the field of virtual reality, has teamed up with two Central Jersey, long-term care facilities, Roosevelt Care Center at Edison and JFK Hartwyck Edison Estates.

“Conventional medicine provides rehabilitation six-to-nine months after a stroke,” Burdea said. “The justification for this continues to be that, it’s basically reached a plateau. But (patients) can, in fact, improve further.”

Under the umbrella of his Highland Park-based company, Bright Cloud International, Burdea is currently targeting nursing homes’ stroke survivors with this cutting-edge therapy.

“It’s intensive, repetitive training with a purpose,” he explains. “It’s also responsible for improving focus, memories, decisionmaking and reducing depression.”

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